Sunday, November 1, 2020

November/December rez Posted

Read the November/December issue of rez in Issuu:

On the doorstep of the historic US elections, we fidget and pace, worried about what might soon be in store for Americans and the rest of the world. What better way to pass the time than to pick up this month’s issue of rez, which features some timely contributions.  Starting things off is One Small Step For (A) Man, setting forth Neil Armstrong’s prediction of the US Presidential Election.  Well, it’s not actually Neil Armstrong, but our favorite AI owl, Neruval, and his two candidates won’t be familiar to you either. We’ll just let Neruval sort it all out for you in his own hilarious style.  As always, we have some wonderful poetry and Shyla the Super Gecko’s One Tin Soldier shines brightly among them, urging helpful action over hate.  Will Blake always has some tricks up his sleeve and Recipe for Super Powers is no exception.  It’s a surprisingly dark and wonderful poem.  The Beginning is Dubhna Rhiadra’s charming fable about a world of cats.  Who better to bring that curious world to our eyes?  Cat Boccaccio contributes Scoops, which is a fascinating childhood memory of a teacher’s assignment and, yes - - it’s short short short.  Jullianna Juliesse brings us Genesis, an inspirational and uplifting poem celebrating girl power.  The Entrance is a magical short piece of fiction about a moment frozen in time at a local Starbucks.  Elysienne rounds out this month’s issue with a heartfelt poem of love and loss.  All in all, a wonderful collection of some of the best writers on the grid.  Enjoy, stay hydrated, sleep well, and above all, VOTE!

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