Tuesday, September 6, 2022

September rez Posted

Read the September issue of rez in Issuu:

Only a few more weeks of summer reading is possible as we either cook in sweltering heat, or drown in torrential downpours, but thankfully we have a new issue of rez to help us through.  Jami Mills starts us off with a photographic tour of Temple of the Divine Feminine, an art installation on SLEA2 dedicated to the feminine. Kisma K. Stepananich-Reiding (fka JulietteSurrealDreaming) pulls together a fantastical collection of fine art, educational programs, lecture halls, dance/meditation space, all to celebrate and lift women. Drover Mahogany contributes a fabulous poem entitled No Recourse, a powerful piece beautifully conceived. Our very own bebop poet, Zymony Guyot, delivers an astonishingly good musically inspired piece called Wizard of Loop. No issue would be complete without an article by Art Blue, who stands in the Hall of Minds and tries to describe the sounds he hears. Good Enough is this month’s selection by our less-is-more writer, Cat Boccaccio. A short snapshot into a day in the life of a young couple asking all the right questions. Aorist Chunes enchants with her poem Sailing Gibraltar and no one does it better than RoseDrop Rust, his selection this month being Vacuum of the Heart. Wonderful writing start to finish.  Enjoy the bounty!

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