Tuesday, June 6, 2023

June rez Posted

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With the grilling season underway and warmer weather, if it’s not here yet is just around the corner, we’ll be spending more time outdoors enjoying an afternoon read under a favorite tree. And we have just the thing for you this month.  Gem Preiz, renown fractal artist, takes a star turn at SLEA3 and two writers were so excited, they each covered it in this issue.  Jami Mills starts off with Uncut Gems, which takes us along a photographic journey through the three parts of Preiz’s installation. Art Blue follows quickly behind with Dark Star and shares his insights as well. RoseDrop Rust tantalizes us with Lasagne in the Oven, which we can taste as we write. In Fantasy #2, Shyla the Super Gecko challenges us to care about a unicorn’s battle with the dragon. Jullianna Juliesse is at her best this month with Wide Sargasso Sea, a poignant remembrance of simpler times. Random Number is Cat Boccaccio’s contribution this month and it is a jewel. Signore AI continues an exploration of ChatGPT and Midjourney AI and we are all his grateful beneficiaries. Dearstluv Writer bravely lays bare her broken heart in Foundations, and we close with the poem read by “a skinny Black girl, descended from slaves,” Amanda Gorman, at Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021. The Hill We Climb has been banned in certain schools in Florida as dangerous. We reprint it in this month’s issue because we find it uplifting and the perfect antidote to the division we feel today.

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