Saturday, July 8, 2023

July rez Posted

Read the June issue of rez in Joomag:

This month we have an embarrassment of riches, blessed with a bounty of the most talented writers on the grid, poets and storytellers alike.  This month, in The Mandelbrot Set, Jami Mills explores the fascinating world of mathematics, finding hidden meaning in the vast array of numbers.  We welcome Enzewor with his (her?) wonderful piece, Jackson Pollock – De-Coded, a story about the American artist, Jackson Pollock, but with a futurist flair. Jullianna Juliesse lays bare her thoughts of being confined in a hospital bed, with The Will Be No Wine in This Poem. Cat Boccaccio is at her best with short-short fiction, and her What You Now Deserve packs a powerful punch. Shyla the Super Gecko returns this month with Pain, a lament on suffering. RoseDrop Rust has never been better with Debris, musing about the futility of survivalists. Art Blue engages us with The Pennyweighter, a tale of the future seasoned with some AI insights, among others. And finally, Lynn Mimistrobell shines a light on the classic Beethoven piece, the Fifth. Enjoy your summer reading!

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